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Born And Built In 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our founder and CEO, Zack Pentecost, returned to New Zealand and recognised a consistent issue amongst businesses: they all find it too complicated to build an international brand.

Zack was also inspired by the Noria Flywheel, a hydro-powered scoop wheel used to lift water in ancient times. For the modern age, he applied this flywheel effect to ecommerce, where small wins accumulate over time, creating momentum that keeps a business growing.
inesses, he heard a common message: it’s too complicated to build an international brand.

Out of this inspiration, Noria was born.
Noria New Zealand - about us

The Noria team

Noria was founded in 2022 with two things in mind: our belief that online growth should be easy for organisations of all sizes and our mission to make selling global simple for ecommerce businesses.
Now based in the bustling city of Auckland, New Zealand, our fast-growing team includes in-house expertise in data analytics, supply-chain management, customer journey mapping, paid performance activity, and market insights. Building marketplace brands into multi-million dollar businesses is in Noria’s DNA.

We understand marketplaces such as Amazon, so you don’t have to.

We know exactly what you can do to win on marketplaces such as Amazon, and we have the track record to prove it, with over a decade of Amazon experience under our belts. We understand it’s not big, brilliant moves that lead to success but small wins that build up over time, which is the basis for our unique flywheel approach to taking brands global.

Meet the Team

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Headshot of Zack Pentecost

Zack Pentecost

CEO | Founder

Before starting Noria, Zack was the Global Head of Amazon at ZURU, one of the world’s largest toy companies, with a global presence in over 121 countries. In the space of approximately four years, Zack led the ecommerce transformation of the company, building and managing a team spanning multiple continents. This involved supporting overall growth through generating digital revenue alongside managing supply chains and exports.

Zack believes that success in a continuously developing ecommerce landscape depends on how quickly you can capture information and act on it, which forms the foundation of how Noria operates.

Headshot Photo of Liam Coley

Liam Coley

Product Manager

Liam manages Noria’s data and analytics infrastructure. Before joining Noria, his experience included spending time at EY in the Technology Consulting line and handling all things data at Rocketspark - a multi-national website-builder and ecommerce platform.

Liam’s background has given him an understanding of the interplay between data and strategy: good strategy is underpinned by good data, but good data alone doesn’t make good strategy.

Headshot photo of Olivia Jory

Olivia Jory

HR Advisor

Olivia manages all things internal at Noria, from onboarding and payroll through to performance oversight and recruiting strategy. Olivia’s background in recruitment and payroll gives her an understanding of the importance of process, which ensures boxes are ticked and tasks are completed.

Headshot Photo of Stephen Drysdale

Stephen Drysdale

Legal Advisor

Stephen has years of experience working with multinational companies. His experience spans in-house and private practice roles, and he has overseen a range of legal areas, including commercial transactions, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, licensing, mergers and acquisitions.

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