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Expand your global brand through online marketplaces today.

Noria offers different packages depending on your business’s needs.

For Emerging Brands:

Brands looking to expand overseas or improve their Amazon/marketplace presence in an existing market.

Deep Dive

Market analysis for your brand

We’ll investigate the online industry landscape in your selected market and highlight early opportunities, threats and costs associated with launching on Amazon (or other relevant marketplaces). You’ll get cost estimates derived from previous product launches alongside a wealth of marketplace knowledge to ensure you have all the relevant information you need.


To identify the opportunity, costs and threats associated with a market launch BEFORE pressing go, which ensures your expansion plans are informed plans.

Who's This for?

Brands who want to understand if launching their products on marketplaces is a good fit, and what it may cost.


A full go-to-market strategy, from marketplace mapping to launching your brand.

We’ll help you establish and build all the necessary foundations for a successful marketplace launch. This includes building your go-to-market strategy, as well as supporting your team on additional aspects like how to manage a brand, create online traffic and understand performance.


To build foundations for success in a new market and a strategy for online growth.

Who's This for?

Brands who are ready to enter a new market via marketplaces such as Amazon and want an end-to-end partner to support and manage their launch.

Strategic Growth Services

Accelerating your growth through our unique flywheel approach.

We’ll grow your sales through operations management and continuous flywheel acceleration. Our end-to-end approach ensures we are building a sustainable business focused on long-term growth. We operate on a base + commission model, meaning we are incentivised to build your business, not blow out your budget.


To adapt, manage and scale your marketplace operations based on real-time performance and insights.

Who's This for?

Brands who are looking for experts to manage their online marketplace operations and begin the transition to building a global business.

For Enterprise Customers:

Noria NZ - Commercial Diagnostics

Partner with Noria as Your One Global Expansion Partner

New Markets, New Customers, New Revenue, New Sales.

Our Enterprise model is custom-built to your business needs, with the aim of giving our partners rapid access to new revenue and customers by expanding onto Amazon and online marketplaces globally.

We also assist with developing your channel strategy as you continue to expand.

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What you can expect in our end-to-end solution with Noria as your global partner:

Feasibility Analysis:

We evaluate and identify global markets that work for your brand and products to expand into.

Strategic Planning:

We formulate the right strategy and go-to-market plan to ensure a successful launch and path to profitability.

Cross-Border Logistics:

We understand the back-end is just as important as the front-end. We’ll procure solutions needed in order to execute an optimal freight and logistics plan for your brand.

Marketplace Set-Up & Launch:

Fast and efficient set-up of your brand presence and product selection on relevant marketplaces.

Strategy Localisation Support:

Ensuring your brand story and content are localised to suit the local market, and optimised accordingly moving forward.

Retail Media Strategy & Management:

We use Retail media (such as Amazon Ads) performance and brand advertising tools to drive traffic and optimizing content for maximum conversion.

External Traffic Support:

Building your social strategy to find the right audiences for your brand (Meta, Google, TikTok, etc.) and manage the wider funnel of activity for your business in each market.

Market Channel Strategy:

Bigger markets have more channels. Bigger markets also means price tracking algorithms, and with that, complicated trade relationships. We help you navigate your strategy from day one.

Digital Market Analytics:

We build capability with transparency. Part of this is providing ongoing market insights through our management, and educating your business along this journey so your team is training alongside building your global business with Noria.

Marketplace Launchpad

We take our unique end-to-end approach we use for approaching international expansion through online marketplaces, and walk you through how to set up your business for international success on online marketplaces.

By the end of the program, your team will be able to execute your own marketplace launch. You’ll be able to identify profitable products in your catalog, set up an Amazon account and brand presence, have a strategy for market, identify the right technology and service partners needed for launch, and be able to effectively troubleshoot any obstacles along that path.

Here’s some of the things to expect in the program:

Find out what is possible for your brand on Amazon & Online Marketplaces.


Product Strategy:

Understand how to find the right items in your catalog to sell, and understand the profitability for your catalog.


Account + Brand Set Up:

Assisting your team with how to set up an account, your product detail pages, and your brand presence. We’ll help you understand what’s important and why when building these out also.


Marketplace Research:

We’ll assist you in understanding what information is important, and what software and research tools you need to find these out. Both in context of your launch, and for future items.


Distribution Strategy:

We assist you in building your distribution strategy for that market. You need to understand the pro’s and con’s of the different models, and we assist you with understanding the context of each.


Sales Growth + Retail Media Strategy:

Once you’re set up, the journey begins. We help you with what to look out for, and identify levers that support growth. This includes retail media such as Amazon Ads, and driving traffic to your listing.


SOP’s and Support:

We understand there will be different things that pop up along the way. Our team can help with these requests. We assist with everything from general queries around how to read reports, through to how to structure your internal team for success.

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