Monday Haircare

MONDAY Haircare boosted their Amazon sales via Noria's strategic product management and holistic approach to performance optimisation.

MONDAY is an award-winning, modern brand that makes luxury haircare more accessible. They believe you shouldn’t have to pay more for quality haircare that is also sustainable and has ethical brand values—like being cruelty-free and avoiding potentially adverse substances like SLS and parabens.

MONDAY Haircare already has a great presence in the USA and is stocked by leading retailers such as Target, Ulta and Costco. However, their Amazon sales weren’t meeting their expectations.

This is where we came in.

After reviewing several key metrics, looking through MONDAY’s Amazon Brand Analytics, and conducting one of our Deep Dive reports, we could solve these underwhelming expectations with the

following recommendations:

  • Set up a virtual bundle for a Shampoo + Conditioner Set
  • Increase subscription numbers
  • Create a new physical bundle
  • Develop more sustainable sales


With the above points addressed, Noria increased MONDAY Haircare’s key metric;


Increase in Net Profit


Increase in Sales

over the space of six months.

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