Noria helped NatureBee finally get back on Amazon after years of different agencies and consultants not being able to do so.

NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen is a 100% natural supplement that supports all aspects of health and wellbeing. The thirty-year-old company has a strong history of delivering great products and successfully selling on Amazon in the past. After some issues, their account was deactivated and remained inactive for two years. This is despite numerous agencies and recovery experts being engaged to solve the issue.

The NatureBee team came to Noria, and we were able to get the account reactivated and selling again. We did this by utilising a number of methods and tools:

  • Approached internal Amazon contacts: Noria has a number of connections to premium support within the Amazon Seller team.
  • Performance notifications: We pulled down the problem accounts, so only one primary account was active. This was achieved using channels such as Seller Support and Performance Notifications.
  • Utilisation of trademarks: Given the brand's longevity, others were selling the brand’s product. Utilising the Brand Registry, we cleaned up the brand's direct and indirect presence and introduced tools to highlight that Naturebee was the primary seller.

NatureBee has now built a healthy five-figure business in three months with Noria's support on the Strategic Growth Services package.

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