SRW Laboratories

SRW Laboratories has built a sustainable Amazon business via Noria's Strategic Growth Services package - overseeing holistic account management, catalogue refreshing and advertising optimisation.

SRW is a New Zealand biotechnology company. They work with leading scientists to make supplements and epigenetic tests that help people age well by supporting cell health. SRW Laboratories approached Noria as they had recently launched on Amazon in the USA but needed help to build a sustainable customer acquisition strategy. Their average price point is US$100, and they have a position against discounting.

After engaging with Noria, the following issues came out of the audit:

  • The product description made the benefits of the item too complicated to understand for a first-time customer
  • Most PPC sales were coming through Automatic Campaigns
  • ACOS was not sustainable for internal targets

After our holistic audit across digital shelf analytics, profitability and customer journey planning, we proposed the following upon initial engagement;

  • Refresh Amazon brand presence: We worked with the SRW team on making product communication more benefits-driven. The SRW range has several unique ingredients that aren’t necessarily known to the everyday customer, so we worked with them to articulate what the ingredients are and what they do.
  • Specific targeting campaigns: Automatic campaigns performed well. However, this wasn’t a sustainable strategy as there was a lack of insight into what drives sales, which can be useful information for future strategy optimisation. We performed category analysis on competitors and built out a number of keyword and product-targeting campaigns to uncover new opportunities.
  • Sustainable ACOS: With detailed campaigns, we could manage bidding on campaigns to build out sales but also have more control over the Cost-Per-Click. This enabled us to bring down ACOS from over 100% whilst maintaining sales.


With the above points addressed, Noria improved SRW Laboratories key metrics;


Increase in Sales


Decrease In Paid ACOS

Over the space of seven months.

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